Abrakadoodle Art Camp

Abrakadoodle: It's a Jungle Out There! Art Camp (Ages 3-12)

Jump with us into this jungle adventure! Bring your best imagination and learn about the rainforest while you create animals, insects, reptiles, flowers and much more. Learn new art techniques and create friendly sloths, toucans, snakes, and piranhas. Find inspiration in the rainforest habitat and its people while you hear about their customs and create a tree house collage. We will have a wild time creating fun art projects, making new friends and playing games! 

Abrakadoodle: Adventure Park! Art Camp (Ages 3-12)

Give your creativity a whirl and create a theme park with a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel and much more. Ride along with us and explore different art materials and art techniques to create your dream amusement park. Unleash your imagination and join us on this fun adventure while you play with your new friends and have an outrageously fun time!

Abrakadoodle: Masters and Me! (Ages 3-12)

Have you heard of Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and other famous artists? Learn how these wellknown artists became masters! Explore master paintings and drawings to understand techniques. Create fun artwork by mimicking master artists’ styles. Use expressive brushstrokes and colors like van Gogh. Practice paper folding techniques to create houses inspired by Hopper. Explore distortion used by Dalí. Use dark and light colors to make nocturne paintings like Whistler. Learn from the very best as you create with Masters and Me!

Abrakadoodle: Artosaurus! STEAM Art Camp (Ages 3-12)

Explore the wild  Learn about prehistoric animals, make dinosaur eggs, create fossils and habitats. Dig into the life of dinosaurs and your creativity!  Experiment with a variety of art techniques while you learn about science, technology, engineering and math concepts used to study extinct animals. Play games, make new friends and have a ferociously fun time!

The Artsy Crafty WOW Camp! (Ages 3-12)

Let’s get crafty! Join us for this DIY (Do It Yourself) Craft Camp where students explore cool, interesting crafts from around the world, develop new craft skills and get creative juices flowing! Each day is jam-packed with FUN activities like bowl making, weaving, and nature-inspired crafts. This make-it and take-it camp is a big “WOW” in the world of crafts.

Abrakadoodle: Yummy Art! (Ages 3-5)
Art That’s Good Enough To Eat!

Get your spoon, paintbrush and chocolate syrup ready to create Art!  From cupcake design to mosaics with food to chocolate syrup painting – it’s all about the wonderful and wacky world of food art!  We’ll build spaghetti sculptures, learn about food artists such as Vic Muniz, and play “foodie” games. We’ll even make our own incredible edibles!!
(No peanut or peanut oils will be used.)

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