Taught by Patty Tucker

ACBL Accredited Teacher, ABTA Master Teacher and Grand Life Master                      

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Bridge Classes 

Patty teaches the game of bridge and its conventions in a logical way. When you finish her class, you'll understand the "why" behind each bridge lesson. Each class begins with a lesson; then several practice hands are played duplicate style; with four students bidding and playing the hands to reinforce the concepts Patty presented that day.

One big benefit of learning and playing bridge is that the game exercises your brain. Besides being fun, you’ll see playing bridge helps with your memory, plus, developing new planning, and strategy skills. We find bridge players see these benefits translate well in life!

We meet in Room 3313; 3rd floor, Main Church building. It’s easiest to park behind the church and enter at double elevators. Note: Classes of less than eight (8) students may be canceled.


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